Viewfinder: Photo Captures Spirit of Simsbury Celebrates

Jim Patrina took approximately 50 photos before walking away with this great photo from Simsbury Celebrates.

Viewfinder is a new weekly feature that will highlight photography by Simsbury's amateur and professional photographers. With the help of the Simsbury Camera Club, which will choose the weekly photograph, we hope to explore Simsbury's creative side.

This week's photograph was taken by Jim Patrina

About the Photograph

"Eno during Simsbury Celebrates - I was taking pictures for Simsbury Celebrates. This is something the camera club volunteers to do each year for the SC committee.  I took this in front of Eno during the fireworks after Simsbury celebrates.   I always like the challenge of getting good firework pictures and wanted to make it specific to Simsbury for the committee.  I took about 50 shots during the 20 minute show and like the way this one came out."

About the Photographer

"I have been taking pictures most of my life.   I never leave home without a camera!  Growing up in Simsbury I have always enjoyed going around town taking pictures of all the beauty in town.  I find it fun to find the unusual views of town that you don’t normally see.
I started out with my father’s camera and bought my first digital camera in the late 1990’s. I am currently involved with the Simsbury Camera club as the Digital Chairman.  Anyone interested in my pictures can contact me at 860-651-9519 or at pabss@comcast.net."

The Simsbury Camera Club is a local group of professional and non-professional photography enthusiasts. Founded in 1955 the club is interested in "enhancing the photographic skills" of members, according to their website.

New members are encouraged to attend meetings on the first Tuesday of every month at the Simsbury Public Library at 7 p.m. and on the third Wednesday of every month at Eno Memorial Hall at 7 p.m. Meeting dates are subject to change. Visit www.simsburycameraclub.com for updated information.

Check out last week's Viewfinder photo here http://patch.com/A-10Q7


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