Viewfinder: Simsbury's Schultz Park Gazebo

Simsbury photographer Lea Anne Moran shares her view of the gazebo at Schultz Park.

Viewfinder is a new weekly feature that will highlight photography by Simsbury's amateur and professional photographers. With the help of the Simsbury Camera Club, which will choose the weekly photograph, we hope to explore Simsbury's creative side.

This week's photograph was taken by Lea Anne Moran.

About the Photograph

Schulz Park Gazebo: This was my first visit to this park, specifically to see the gazebo that had been newly repainted and a new roof installed, in part with funds donated by the Simsbury Garden Club. I wanted a photo for the next issue of the Simsbury Garden Club quarterly newsletter, and loved the early morning light that shone through it, highlighting the new features. I was amazed when I saw the map of the garden on the gazebo ceiling showing trees and plants of the park, and wanted to show a bit of that in the photo. 

About the Photographer

Photography is my way of being creative and seeing the magic of the world around me. I am always looking for the things in our world that entice me to look further, and since I am out walking my dogs every day in Simsbury or West Simsbury, I can't help but notice the beauty that surrounds me, within just a few miles of where I live. I take my camera (or my phone camera) with me everywhere I go to capture the moment, and will make special trips to my favorite places to make sure I get the right light, often in the early morning before the cars and people fill the scene.  My photographs are often of the natural world, but can include images of the interaction of humans with that world. In my photographs of Simsbury, I have tried to show some of my favorite, most picturesque places, where people will often go to enjoy the colors and flowers, like the flower bridge, or where they may only gaze at from afar, as the historic cemetery set on a hillside overlooking the center of town. Getting up close to things allows you see it in a different way, and see the details that are easily overlooked, such as the Eno headstones from the 18th century set in front of the Phelps tomb high on the hillside.  I am currently working on a publication that will identify scenic sites to photograph in Connecticut, but find that there are so many places close to home in Simsbury and the surrounding towns that it's hard to pick just a few. I do not yet have a website for photographs, but I add photos to my blog that I created when my two border collies were puppies (www.emmaandwill.blogspot.co

The Simsbury Camera Club is a local group of professional and non-professional photography enthusiasts. Founded in 1955 the club is interested in "enhancing the photographic skills" of members, according to their website.

New members are encouraged to attend meetings on the first Tuesday of every month at the Simsbury Public Library at 7 p.m. and on the third Wednesday of every month at Eno Memorial Hall at 7 p.m. Meeting dates are subject to change. Visit www.simsburycameraclub.com for updated information.


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