What's On Tonight: The Ultimate Fighter Live, Common Law, Coming Home

TV tips for Friday, June 1, 2012

The Ultimate Fighter Live, 9 p.m., FX

Oooo! The finale! Who will it be? (I’m just kidding. I don’t watch this. I have no idea what’s going on.)

Common Law, 10 p.m., USA

Is this any good? Two LAPD detectives who can’t stand each other are sent to couples counseling while they fight crime. Of course, this would absolutely happen in the real world.

Coming Home, 10 p.m., Lifetime

You know how you used to cry during Extreme Home Makeover? This is like that, times 1,000. Watching soldiers reunited with their families? Yeah. Pass the tissues and give me a hug. Tonight, “Sesame Street'' characters help a soldier surprise his two children.”


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