Big Y Still Looking to Simsbury for New Store Location

The company still wants to build in Simsbury but it might be a while before residents are shopping at Big Y.

When Big Y, an independently owned New England supermarket chain, announced plans to open a new location in the north end of Simsbury it drew quite a lot of attention among residents but the lack of activity ever since has many asking—what happened to Big Y?

In a letter sent to town officials on June 13, the company announced plans for a new 53,000 square foot Big Y World Class Market to be built on the former Wagner Ford property located at 1313 Hopmeadow Street.

The company plans to invest $12 million in the new location and expects to add 125 full and part-time employees to staff the store, according to the letter.

Before moving forward with a deal to lease the land, Big Y has had to work through local and state zoning procedures, state traffic procedures, and of course, public opinion. Simsbury residents shared their concerns about another large grocery store during a public hearing last year, the main issue being how the store will fit with the town's route 10 corridor study.

What's happening next?

According to Clair D'Ammour-Daley, the company's vice president of communications, the company is still pursuing the Simsbury store.

"It's still in process but we have no signed deal yet," D'Ammour said.

Initially, town officials like Hirem Peck understood that the company was interested in opening a new store in Oct. 2013 but D'Ammour said that's not likely.

"We still want to be there in Simsbury and we want to be a part of that community," D'Ammour said.

But the company first needs to get approval from the state traffic commission for a new traffic signal to be located at the entrance of the new store on Hopmeadow Street.

D'Ammour said it could be another year before anything significant happens.

"Ideally we're looking at 2014," D'Ammour said. "But the target dates are fluid."

Shelley February 12, 2013 at 12:11 PM
Oh great. 10/202 is turning into another Route 44 with traffic lights every 50 feet. They just installed one by Antonios, now there's going to be another one such a short distance away? Simsbury does not need another grocery store - or traffic light! Stop and Shop is just a few miles away - shop there!
Susan February 12, 2013 at 03:35 PM
Would be logical if the flow of traffic would connect to the existing light/entrance at ISCC. I will admit I do not know l logistics for this.
David Moelling February 12, 2013 at 05:57 PM
Shelly, the traffic guys will probably synchronize these as they normally do so there is not an excessive delay. If Simsbury does not need another grocery store then Big Y would not invest their money. I hope we are not all compelled to use only "approved" organic stores with no parking or convenient hours at high prices (but I guess that's what we are supposed to do in Simsbury)
nicola lightner February 13, 2013 at 12:52 PM
I had thought,perhaps, that is why they just added the new light, at the intersection of Rt 202/10 and Hoskins. After all, I cant imagine that at the present traffic level that we require a light there? Does anyone know if that is indeed why they added that light, due to the impending Big Y ? It has yet to be activated however.
John Lyons February 14, 2013 at 02:11 AM
I do want to compliment the State of Connecticut traffic control officials for investigating and observing the need for another light on Hopmeadow St. I think they are doing their job well. I do want to address why do we need another grocery store? We have Fitzgeralds, Kanes Market and Stop and Shop all in a radius of 5 miles. Remember Andy's Grocery store closed --- I do not feel there is enough of a demand for a big box. I wonder if Big Y is planning to erect one of their buildings that really does not compliment our town. I wish someone some where could come up with an better Idea for that north area of our town. Something more cultural like a center for our seniors, our teens our families --- a community center. This would enhance the value of everyone's property and make it even more desirable to live in Simsbury. It would also provide an atmosphere to create a more united town.. Just a thought... Would Big Y or another big box do this? Come on Simsbury -- let's rethink this situation. .
POODETWA March 01, 2013 at 09:20 AM


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