New Simsbury Restaurant Owners To Tweak Maple Tree Experience, Bring Attilio’s Downtown

The Maple Tree Café’s new owners are working with a popular local chef to tweak the popular eatery and live music venue and bring Attilio’s Family Restaurant to downtown Simsbury.

Ryan Krieger, Gabriel Krieger and Sean Allen recently purchased the the Maple Tree and Apollo Pizza restaurants from Mike Del Gallo. They are working with executive chef Attilio Ceneviva, who will oversee food at both the Maple Tree and Attilio's Family Restaurant, which is replacing Apollo's.

For many years Ceneviva ran Attilio's at Simsbury Farms  and more recently Attilio's Family Restaurant near the Granby line. He recently closed that location to move to the new space.

“We’re very excited to bring Attilio's downtown,” Ryan Krieger. “He has a lot of followers.” 

The new owners have a mix of financial and restaurant experience and Gabriel Krieger has worked with Ceneviva for many years. 

Currently the group is renovating the spaces. 

Ryan Krieger said the live music tradition will continue at the Maple Tree, which will feature upscale tavern food at reasonable prices. The floor of the restaurant area has been refinished and owners hope to open in time for this week's Thursday night karaoke, although the kitchen will not be open for a few days after that. The banquet room at the Maple Tree is also being updated and owners plan to fully utilize the outdoor space as well.

Ryan Krieger said the Maple Tree has a lot going for it, including a loyal following. He just feels it’s been underutilized and just needs some TLC.

The old Apollo’s, new home to Attilio’s Family Restaurant, will take the longest to renovate. It’s being completely redone wall to wall right down through several layers of flooring.

Krieger envisions a February opening for Attilio’s. 

Finalized hours are still a work in progress but both places will open for lunch and dinner, with plans for Attilio's to have a weekend breakfast option and Maple Tree a seasonal weekend brunch.

New owners will honor gifts cards issued for Apollo’s, Krieger said and phone numbers and web links will stay the same.

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Jordan January 15, 2014 at 04:00 PM
I've been going to the Maple Tree for years and I tried to go there last Friday for dinner and the bouncer tried charging me a cover charge at 8pm! I said I just want to eat dinner and be on my way and he still wouldn't let me in without paying a cover! Who the hell charges a cover charge at 8pm?!? Not to mention there were about 5 people in there at the time and I would of spent at least 100$ on dinner. Not sure what is going on at this place now but someone needs to tell the the owner that its not Hartford and even there they don't charge a cover till at least 9pm. What a disgrace!
Maple Tree Cafe January 15, 2014 at 10:15 PM
Hi Jordan, We appreciate your past patronage. With the new management many of the mistakes of the past will be corrected including situations like this. We open under new management for the first time Thursday 1/16 and have great bands this weekend. The kitchen will reopen on Wednesday 1/22. We hope you come back and experience the changes for yourself.
CM January 15, 2014 at 11:58 PM
They were also doing funny things with the tax. We ate at Apollo's using a $aveNowCT voucher for $30. We ordered $33.25 in food plus 2.11 tax which came to $35.36. Since it was a SaveNowCT voucher an 18 percent tip of $6.36 was added (even though no other restaurant had ever done this to us when using a $aveNow CT voucher). This should have resulted in a total of $41.72, minus the $30 voucher should have resulted in a charge of $11.72. Instead, the additional amount over the $30 ($5.36) was taxed AGAIN, adding another 0.34 to my bill for a total charge of $12.06. Now 34 cents is not a big deal, however, since their register computer was set up this way this double taxation of all amounts over the $30 voucher amount was being done on everyone's bill. I wrote the restaurant and never received a response. So if a person spent $100 there they would have been taxed $100 + $6.35 = $106.35 minus $30 voucher = $76.35 x 1.0635 AGAIN = $81.20 So the Total Tax charged on the $100 Bill would be $6.35 PLUS $4.85 ( 11.2 percent ). Please make sure that you don't use whatever computer program they were using if you offer any $aveNowCT, GroupOn, or Living Social vouchers. Looking forward to eating at the new place with new owners and new chef. Good News.
Tom Meyers January 24, 2014 at 03:23 PM
Jordan - This happened to me on a number of occasions. And while your there arguing with the bouncer, he lets all his friends in for free. What did it for me and the reason I stopped going there was the cover charge on the ladies. I have never paid a cover charge for a woman. All the "big" go to places ANYWHERE...ladies are no cover. that would have been like 16 bucks for me and my date and totally not worth it for a town pub. Not to mention they charge(d) mixed drink prices for just a soda.
Maple Tree Cafe January 24, 2014 at 03:47 PM
Hi Tom, we are making many changes so we invite you to give us another try. While some of the pricier bands will still have a cover charge we will not be charging those dining with us for cover. We hope to win your business back.
CM January 24, 2014 at 03:50 PM
... and the post about the overcharging of tax ?
Maple Tree Cafe January 24, 2014 at 04:00 PM
After seeing your post I inquired with the staff about what happened. I have been made aware that our point of sale system has an issue with coupons that are exclusive of tax. We have reported this glitch to the manufacturer and anyone that uses a similar coupon will now have the bill adjusted manually to be sure that everything is correct. Thank you for brining the issue to my attention and we hope to have corrected it.
CM January 24, 2014 at 04:06 PM
Fantastic. Thank You. Looking forward to the re-opening.
Judy Ferraresso February 05, 2014 at 02:24 PM
We loved having dinner outside at the Maple Tree. Please keep it informal and friendly with great sandwiches and salads as well as entrees.


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