Simsbury Cards & Comics Moves to Granby

After 22 years, including the last 12 in East Granby, the card and comics store has re-opened at 496B Salmon Brook St. in Granby.

Just because has downsized its floor space by moving to its current location in Granby doesn’t mean that it has decreased what the business has to offer.

Indeed, the store had 1,800 square-feet of floor space at its former location at 3 Turkey Hills Road in East Granby.

But, after 12 years in East Granby, owners Jane and Bill Arnone decided it was time for a change when the lease was up and they moved the business to its current location at 496B Salmon Brook St., which has just 800 square feet.

“We were just looking for a new space,” Bill Arnone said. “It had run its course [at the East Granby location].”

It’s the Simsbury Card & Comic’s third location, having first opened in Simsbury, then moving to East Granby after 10 years and to Granby after 11 more.

The store, which opened its doors in Granby on March 1, is still overflowing with games, sports cards, card-playing games, comics, action figures and supplies for collectors.

There’s a large section of board games, including Monopoly in various incarnations and — believe it or not — a bass fishing-themed version.

“Grateful Dead Monopoly just walked out the door last week,” Jane Arnone said with a chuckle.

But what can’t be displayed on the floor is still available and can be purchased through the store’s new website: www.simsburycc.com.

“With the website, you have the option to order and pick things up,” said Bill Arnone, noting that the website just launched and asking for people “to be patient.”

Still, it’s a business model - smaller space with a website - that appeals to the Arnones, who have run the store for a total of 22 years.

“When you walk into this place, it’s like what card stores used to be,” Bill Arnone said Wednesday. “It’s small and quaint.”

And the Arnones said that the move has actually increased foot traffic in the store, with some former customers from Simsbury returning after deciding not to travel to East Granby.

“We’ve had customers travel with us through the years,” Jane Arnone said. “Our [two] kids have grown up with the store.”

The Arnones attribute their longevity — all the other card and comic stores that popped up in the Farmington Valley over the last 20 years have disappeared — to two things.

Jane Arnone said that diversifying — starting out as a card store, then adding comics, then games — while paying attention to customers’ changing interests has kept the business going.

“And my cool personality,” she quipped.

Bill Arnone, however, has a simpler, if not less accurate, reason for why the business has endured: “Insanity.”

Whatever the reason, the small niche store endures, and the new location and website have been good for business.

“We just had a guy from Maryland who was visiting someone in West Hartford come in [to check the comics],” Jane Arnone said. “People are finding us [through the website].”

Simsbury Card & Comics is open Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Adella Eastman March 30, 2012 at 10:44 PM
Very nice article. Good luck in your new store


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