Bantry Road Home Sells for $478,769

Recent Simsbury real estate sales include 33 Bantry Road, 90 Hop Brook Road, 10A Wiggins Farm Drive, 16 Partridge Court, 12 Springbrook Lane, 51 Northgate, 126 Hopmeadow Street, 52 Carver Circle, 26 Gordon Street, 2D Gillette Court, 4 Southbridge Court,

The following real estate conveyances were recorded at Simsbury Town Hall:

$478,769, 33 Bantry Road. Powder Forest Homes, LLC to Margaret Pendergast. Recorded on Nov. 9.

$343,000, 90 Hop Brook Road. Stephen and Eileen Jacobs to Novia Gray. Recorded on Nov. 9.

$179,000, 10A Wiggins Farm Dr. Laurie Payne to Renette Tayler-Ensle. Recorded on Nov. 13.

$119,552, 16 Partridge Court Unit 61. Rebecca S. Butler to William J. and Theresa F. Kramer. Recorded on Nov. 13.

$229,900, 12 Springbrook Lane. Walter Tobias to Michael P. Gugliotti. Recorded on Nov. 13.

$245,000, 51 Northgate. Arkadiusz and Margot Ozyp to Chima R. Ekeh. Recorded on Nov. 13.

$193,000, 126 Hopmeadow Street. Amy M. Finch to Peter Devlin and Nitung Liao. Recorded on Nov. 14.

$230,000, 52 Carver Circle. Renette L. Taylor to Trustee for Ellen Olarsch Nestler. Recorded on Nov. 14.

$245,000, 26 Gordon Street. Thomas Healy to Julia Boucher. Recorded on Nov. 16.

$158,900, 2D Gillette Court. Barbara E. Perreault to Ilya Rimerov. Recorded on Nov. 15.

$288,000, 4 Southbridge Court. Dale D. and Regina A. Martin to Joseph F. and Jane P. Keiffer. Recorded on Nov. 16.

$213,000, 11 Centerwood Road. John H. and Catherine M. Ebel. Recorded on Nov. 16.

$230,000, 39 Climax Road. Robert L. Palmer to Linda M. Palladino. Recorded on Nov. 19.

$267,400, 19 Long View Drive. Francis Halish to Constantin Senchukov. Recorded on Nov. 19.


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