Help a Local Man Give Back to the Community

Dave Brummert needs your help and his family is raising funds through GoFundMe.

Credit: GoFundMe
Credit: GoFundMe
Dave Brummert would like to give back to the community and is raising money for his cause via the GoFundMe Web site.

According to the page on GoFundMe, Brummert would like to plant as many apple trees as he can afford to plant, and would then like to work with a school or youth group to teach young people how to take care of the trees until they bear fruit. And when they bear fruit, he'd like to sell the apples to raise money for more trees, or to benefit a local food shelter. 

The page states, "It's a project that would continue to give for years, even decades after my fingerprints have disappeared from it, and one that just happens to be good for the environment, the animals, and sustainability. Like Johnny Appleseed would have wanted it."

So far, $660 has been raised. To donate to the cause, visit the GoFundMe page.

Note: The gofundme.com site listed above is not endorsed by Patch.


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