Anja Drive Home Sells for $610,000

Recent Simsbury real estate conveyances include 1 Parson Drive, 29 Carver Circle, 10 Anja Drive, 3 Camille Lane, 3 Camille Lane, 39 Bantry Road, 31 Fernwood Drive, 43 Clifdon Drive, 8 Billingsgate Drive, 113 Hedgehog Lane.

The following real estate conveyances were recorded at Simsbury Town Hall:

$240,000, 1 Parson Drive. Ryan T. and Latasha K. Tucker. Recorded on Dec. 17.

$136,000, 29 Carver Circle. Estate of Mary S. Cooney to Kyle Loveland. Recorded on Dec. 17.

$610,000, 10 Anja Drive, Unit 9. James P. and Lisa M. McConnel to Dalton J. and Melissa T. Li. Recorded on Dec. 17.

$433,000, 3 Camille Lane. Janice W. Lashnits to Michael J. and Joanne B. Nowak. Recorded on Dec. 17.

$567,491.16, 39 Bantry Road. Powder Forest Homes, LLC. to Barbara M. Gillies. Recorded on Dec. 17.

$285,000, 31 Fernwood Drive. Catherine Wall and Thomas Bobbin to Rebecca S. and Phillip G. Smith. Recorded on Dec. 20.

$430,000, 43 Clifdon Drive. Nancy B. Crouch, Trustee to Garrett R. and Francesca T. Caponetti. Recorded on Dec. 20.

$396,000, 8 Billingsgate Drive. Joseph J.M.E.L. and Elizabeth J. Tummers to Paul and Colleen Lupia. Recorded on Dec. 20.

$267,500, 113 Hedgehog Lane. Adam and Jennifer Jondreau Thompson to Melissa J. Silvanic and Andrew R. Veale. Recorded on Dec. 26.

$149,000, 3 Colonial Drive. Estate of Marilyn K. Bartle to Bubmor Partners LLC. Recorded on Dec. 28.

$220,000, 2 Wheeler Road (75 Climax Road). George W. Butmon and Inez L. Bromberg to Vasyl and Svitlana Dyakun. Recorded on Dec. 31.

$234,000, 7 Saddle Ridge Drive. Steven L. and Janice S. Deveau to Andrew and Dawn McNamee. Recorded on Dec. 2.


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