Metacom Drive House Sells for $535,000

Recent Simsbury home sales include 23 Metacom Drive, 103 Hilltop Drive, 1 Deer Park Road, 12 Stratton Forest Way, and 39 Ashton Circle.

The following real estate transactions were recorded with the Simsbury Town Clerk:

$535,000, 23 Metacom Drive. Charleen R. Ernst to Zafar Rashid. Recorded on September 19.

$115,000, 103 Hilltop Drive. William D. and Susan E. Hunt to Deborah Flynn. Recorded on September 19.

$80,000, 1 Deer Park Road. Kathy M. Kaczowka to John T. Graikoski, Jr. Recorded on September 21.

$230,000, 12 Stratton Forest Way. Cornelius Vandervoorn, Jr. to Richard P. McGraw III. Recorded on September 21.

$450,000, 39 Ashton Circle. Harvey J. and Carole D. Hartwell to Cornelius J. Vandervoorn. Recorded on September 21.


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