Detox Cleanse - Out With the Old...

The body has built-in detox mechanism and, if given a chance, it will heal, repair and reboot itself. Let's give our bodies a break and a chance to do what its designed to do.

When we hear the word “Detox” we often think of alcohol or drugs. In fact when I did a google search for “detox places in CT”, all that came up were treatment centers and outpatient alcohol and drugs facilities.  People that get themselves addicted to alcohol or drugs – illegal and prescription- might seek a treatment center that would help them overcome the addiction and start fresh again.   Most of us have not heard about detox from addictive foods like sugar, salt, caffeine, artificial sweeteners, MSG and many others.  I have not learned about this kind of detox in nursing school and if patients were inquiring about it, they were often told by conventional medical practitioners that there was no need to detox and that the body has built in mechanisms to detox itself.

After over 18 months of studying on my own, taking Integrative Nutrition courses, attending several conferences and seminars as well as watching countless lectures and videos, my understanding of detox has much changed and expanded.  I now feel a lot more empowered in my knowledge and understanding of a body’s ability to heal and reset itself if given the chance.    A body has its own built in detoxifying mechanisms that will kick in and try very hard to do what they were designed to do. However, if the toxic load is too great and the amount of chemicals and toxins from food , water,  skin products, cleaning supplies etc is too much for the body to handle, it will not be able to turn on the detoxing system.  If that happens the toxic load increases and the body might start developing issues, symptoms and diseases.

Detoxing from everyday life toxins periodically, gives a body the chance to reboot, reset, heal and regenerate itself.  I personally detox my body about 4 times a year, even though I eat pretty clean diet and avoid environmental toxins as best as I can.  I kicked my sugar addiction to a curb by doing a detox cleanse over a year and a half ago and I have not looked back since.

There are several detox programs out there, some being very expensive, some using protein powders, green superfoods powders, there is juicing, green smoothies, master cleanse, water fast and many others.   All of them have a similar purpose- to take some of the burden off of the body and give it a chance to heal and repair itself.   Not every detox program will work for everyone, but if a person understands the benefit and purpose of detox and cleansing, they will be able to find a program that will work for them.

I will be running a detox class on  Thursday January 3th at 9:15 am and  at 7:15 pm at Breathe More Yoga Studio in Tolland CT during which I will go into a lot more detail about the benefits of detox.  This class will run for 90 minutes and there is still room for both sessions. The class is $25.

This detox class will kick off my new 6 week Nutrition Immersion Series which will start second week of January.  Please visit my website www.loveandpeashealth.com or www.breathemorellc.com for more details.  

To register for the classes please E mail me or Cherie at Breathe More. 

Happy and Healthy New Year from Love and Peas Health Coaching. 


Iwona Leger, RN, MSN, Health Coach, owns Love and Peas Health Coaching and runs individual and group coaching sessions. She is very passionate about disease prevention, lifestyle and diet modifications, as well as stress reduction techniques.

For more info visit www.loveandpeashealth.com

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Jim G. December 30, 2012 at 08:11 PM
I'm just curious as to whether you can provide any medically-based cites for any of the above claims about "detoxification," from any recognized medical authority that isn't in the business of selling detox products.
Iwona leger January 01, 2013 at 08:14 PM
Jim There is not enough space here for me to respond to your request. Please feel free to E mail me at Iwona@loveandpeashealth.com and I will gladly give you a detailed response. Happy New Year


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