Board of Selectmen February 25, 2013 Public Audience

Public Policy Issues

Board of Selectmen – February 25, 2013

When I arrived early to the Board of Selectmen meeting ofFebruary 11, 2013, I saw a placed card for each of the Selectmen. What was shocking was the placed card for Selectman Lisa Heavner with the additional slot filled with the Deputy Selectman slot under Heavner’s name.  At the prior Selectmen’s meeting the vote for Deputy First Selectman as a result of Hampton’s resignation was tabled since
nobody had the vote for the position. This vote was again placed on the agenda
for a vote. However, there appeared to be a backroom deal for this position
since the place card had already been assigned to Lisa Heavner prior to the
Selectmen’s vote. Then Moira Wertheimer, the Selectman with the highest vote,
states that it was not her time for Deputy Selectman and perhaps at another
time. Was this declaration part of the backroom deal since it is alleged that
Moira Wertheimer will not run for another term….so much for politics as usual.
How can this board vote unanimously for Lisa Heavner when she continually
violates the Town Charter that she was elected to enforce. As an attorney
Heavner should have known that she was in violation of the Town Charter,
Section 411. Directions to employees. It states, “ No member of the Board of
Selectmen, except the First Selectman, shall give orders, either publically or
privately, to any administrative officer or employee.” 

I am asking this board, under Section 410, Investigation,  of the Town Charter to
Investigate my allegations of improper conduct by reviewing all Heavner’s
emails to and from all town employees and bring their findings to the public
with remedies from their investigation. 

After reviewing the Annual Report from the evaluation of the High School teachers during the Ullman administration,  I was convinced that the judgment of the Principal  of the High School, Neil Sullivan,  was of concern and should be
reviewed by the present Superintendent. Several years ago I was surprised that
the High School Principal did not document the 2 ½ years of continual bullying
between the past Finance Director’s child and another student. By ignoring
blaring evidence of bullying the entire family was subjected to continual
harassment and fear to the point that they had to move out of town and the
Finance Director finally resigned his position with the Town. The financial and
emotional burdens placed on the family were significant. Only after an Attorney
was hired, did the Administration finally admit that the student was bullied.
This family moved out of town, was financially burdened and the Principal of
the school remains unscathed.   This year once again there was only one documented incident of bullying throughout the school system.  Last year I reported that the Principal of the School had set up the gym with games for the Teachers to play after an in service day with a table set up for playing beer pong with water…another incident of poor judgment. 

Why does the Principal ask the Security guard to go to out of town games
at town expense when all teams have their own security staff? How can teachers
and programs improve if there is lack of communication between the Principal
and the staff?  The report stated that there were 70 concussions documented during that year. Why so many concussions? Are the students screened after each concussion and screened to participate in a sport? What is the school policy when students are documented with concussions? How can the Principal give the seniors permission to use skateboards, rollerblades, and scooters throughout the last day of school when students are going to classes placing the students in danger…another incident of poor judgment.  Why are students allowed to text on their phones in the halls when going to classes? How can they pay attentions to safety when concentrating on their phones? Why is it necessary to have cell phones during the school day? It appears that there is inconsistent discipline dealing with risky behavior that was documented in the Annual Report.  On February 14, 2013 I was listening to my scanner and heard that a student with a medical condition had left school with a staff person. Both Police and Security were involved with this incident. There was discussion about driving to Duncan Donuts and the need for an ambulance. The ambulance was denied and the student was driven to the hospital with the staff person. This is police incident #4850. How can a Principal allow a staff person with what appears to have no medical training to leave school with a student who allegedly had a medical condition and drive the student to the hospital for admission? Is this good judgment on the part of the Principal?  This incident could have placed the town at insurmountable risk. This incident should be investigated. How many other incidents of poor judgment by the Principal have been noted during the school year?

Recently there was a publication in Simsbury Parch of the 10 top delinquent taxpayers. One of the delinquencies was Darlar LLC, Dave Richman, the owner of 730 Hopmeadow. Richman has various building violations that he has not addressed for many years. He presently has several violations with a lien against the property. He has been non-compliant for years. On October 26, 2012 the Town Attorney wrote a letter to Dave Richman and stated, “Court action to achieve full compliance with the orders will be a lengthy, expensive process for both parties.”  Dave Richman has been non-compliant for many years and this letter is a joke, knowing that the town will not initiate court action, why comply?  This is a safety issue and an ADA violation. Dave Richman has not complied with any requests from the town. When is enough enough?

Many of the Management positions in town will be open due to retirements. These are not union positions and do not have to be negotiated. It is time that the town reviews the need to continue providing pensions with large legacy costs. Many towns have eliminated pension funds and maintained a 401K fund for their employees. Simsbury should follow their lead for new employees.

At the present time the Eno Farms Affordable Housing is still in court. Until the judge rules on the renters claims, nothing can go forward. Since the lawsuit is against CHFA, why is the town having a meeting in executive session when they can’t execute anything? The light pole at the entrance to Eno Farms has not been replaced since it fell down several months ago. This creates an unsafe entry. When will the light pole be replaced?


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Highway Worker February 26, 2013 at 01:32 PM
Joan, you tell it like it is!! I agree there is already a process in place for who the Deputy Selectmen is. And again the BOTH parties refuse to acknowledge this. Bravo!


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