It's Not Too Late to Vaccinate! Protect Yourself from the Flu

Amanda Neal, RN, Manager of the Farmington Valley VNA's Community Health Programs, provides a band-aid after administering a flu shot
Amanda Neal, RN, Manager of the Farmington Valley VNA's Community Health Programs, provides a band-aid after administering a flu shot
We may already be halfway through winter, but "Flu Season" has not yet reached its peak. As of mid-January, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Department of Public Health (DPH) have confirmed that in Connecticut, more than 1,000 flu cases have been diagnosed and two flu-related deaths have occurred. NBC News reports epidemic levels of flu cases in 40 of the nation's 50 states, including 20 pediatric deaths to date. Thousands of Americans die each year as the result of the flu virus or related complications.

Recently, hundreds of Connecticut residents have been seeking medical attention in local hospital emergency rooms for the flu and flu-like illnesses. You don't have to be one of them! It is NOT too late to protect yourself from the debilitating effects of the flu. The Farmington Valley VNA encourages you to contact us at 860.653.5514 to arrange for your flu vaccine. Appointments are available at the Agency's centrally locted offices in both Granby and Simsbury, and group clinics can be arranged at your place of business or residential community. A Registered Nurse will thoroughly address concerns and answer questions prior to administering the vaccine.

Receiving a flu shot does not guarantee that you will avoid contracting the flu altogether, but it may decrease the severity of symptoms, lessen the duration of the illness, and has been proven to prevent the development of additional complications such as pneumonia. A high-dose flu vaccine is recommended for those 65 and older, with a regular dose available for those in the 18-64 year age range who account for more than 60% of hospitalizations. The most common side effects, such as soreness at the injection site and residual achiness, are much milder and short-lived than missing days or weeks of work or being hospitalized. Both flu vaccines and the pneumonia vaccine are covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare Part B.

For additional information or to schedule your flu shot appointment, please call the Farmington Valley VNA at 860.653.5514.


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