Letter to the Editor: Support John Hampton for State Rep.

Resident encourages support for Democratic candidate.

I am thrilled that Deputy First Selectman John K. Hampton has declared his candidacy for State Representative. 

John Hampton is a trusted, experienced leader with a proven record of accomplishments for Simsbury. 

First and foremost, Mr. Hampton is a fiscal conservative who was instrumental in crafting town budgets with zero increases. John will bring those sound fiscal principles with him to the House floor. 

A strong environmental advocate, John created the town’s first Clean Energy Task Force to embrace green practices and protect the environment. And John Hampton has always been there for senior citizens, like when he initiated the town’s first Senior Tax Relief Program to care for seniors in need. 

As Public Safety Chairman during October’s Storm Alfred, John oversaw the town’s emergency operations center at town hall and working in the shelter. As our next State Representative, John Hampton will be a strong voice for all of us in Hartford, not special interests. 

As a mother two two children, I believe he is the best qualified to safeguard our schools, pursuing more funding for education. John Hampton is ready to go to work for our children, developing initiatives to strengthen our economy, bringing jobs to Connecticut, and making improvements to emergency preparedness for municipalities. 

Like me, John was born and raised in Simsbury. He knows the town well and is deeply connected to its resiednts, always doing what’s best for them. These are difficult times. It is vital that the 16th District have an honest, open, and intelligent leader who is prepared on day one to go to work for them at the State Capitol. That leader is John K. Hampton.

That is why I will be voting for him on November 6th and I encourage my fellow citizens to do the same. 

Jennifer Martin-Evans

Weatogue, CT 


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