Medicare Dec 7 Deadline

BRISTOL/NEW HARFORD — According to Daphne Roberson, of Roberson Tierney, many United Health Care Medicare Advantage plan members have received letters indicating some of their doctors are no longer in the network.

The deadline for reacting to this news is Saturday, December 7, when the Medicare enrollment period ends.

Plan participants are required to make choices during the annual enrollment period, which began Tuesday, October 15, or remain in the same plan through 2014.

Mrs. Roberson is offering free consultations from now until the deadline to assist plan members who need more information regarding alternative plan options.

She explained, “Setting up an appointment with a qualified professional affords you the opportunity to choose a plan that is right for you specifically.”

She added, “It’s important to get the right information and, frankly, much less stressful than doing nothing and being surprised later by inadequate or incorrect coverage.”

She noted that people who receive extra help with prescription drug costs, Part B Medicare Premiums or have the Connect Card from the State of Connecticut can make a plan change any time during the year under what is called a Special Election Period.

All others may need to act and she strongly recommends a consultation.

Mrs. Roberson is a Certified Insurance Consultant and can be reached at 1-877-589-6363.

More information is available at www.robersontierney.com, including directions to the two offices at 529 Main St., New Hartford and 210 Redstone Hill Rd., Bristol.


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