Re-elect Moira Wertheimer to the Simsbury Board of Selectmen

by Bob and Donna Beinstein

We would like to ask our fellow Simsbury residents to re-elect Moira Wertheimer to the Simsbury Board of Selectmen.  We’ve known Moira in many roles, as a parent, PTO member, neighbor, and friend, in addition to her service on the BOS.  In all of these, Moira is the gold standard!

Simply put, Moira is good for Simsbury, particularly in trying economic times.  She focuses on our local issues from a pragmatic point of view, and acts according to what‘s best for Simsbury over the long haul.  For Moira, serving on the BOS is about public service and giving back to the community, not playing politics or getting credit.

Moira’s professional background, combining pediatric nursing, law, fulltime parenting, and public service makes her uniquely qualified to represent us.  She is compassionate, and thoughtful, and understands the tough issues facing our town.  Most importantly, Moira works hard to build consensus among our residents, fellow selectmen, businesses, and town government, and without grandstanding, makes solid funding decisions that create both short and long term benefits, and set Simsbury up for success.

We hope that you will join us, and re-elect Moira to the Board of Selectmen on November 8th. 


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