Winter Season Caregiver Tip

As we begin to approach winter weather, we must keep in mind our senior loved ones.  The extreme temperatures and snow and rain can be potentially dangers for seniors.  Seniors are especially vulnerable to hypothermia which can be deadly if not treated rapidly.

Here are a few tips for the winter season:
1. Make sure when going out you wear several layers of loose clothing.  The layers will trap warm air between them.  If the clothing is too tight, it can cause constriction and slow down blood flow, leading to loss of body heat.
2. Wear a hat, scarf, and gloves when going outside.  Body heat can be lost through any exposed body surface, including your head.
3. Make sure to stay warm at your home; try to keep your thermostat around 68 F.
4. Stop up on staples and groceries, have extra bottled water, flashlights and batteries in case of a power outage.
5.  Check on your loved one daily.


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