Avon Doctor Accused of Sexually Assaulting Patients Continues Practicing Medicine

Dr. Khosro Pourkavoos, of Avon, claims he is innocent.

Credit: Jessie Sawyer
Credit: Jessie Sawyer
An Avon doctor accused of sexually assaulting at least two women during medical office visits claims he is innocent.

Dr. Khosro Pourkavoos, an Avon resident who is licensed through the state of Connecticut to practice family medicine, hopes that the court process will clear his name. His attorney said in a statement that he will continue his work as a doctor in the meantime. 

"Dr. Pourkavoos has served his community over many years. He has a wonderful and professional relationship with thousands of patients during his lengthy career as their family physician. He has provided the highest quality of care to his patients and has earned an excellent reputation in his community," Attorney James Bergenn, who is representing Pourkavoos in the case, said in a statement. "He is very concerned about these hurtful and unexpected allegations from last summer and will continue to try to understand why these statements were made."

In June of 2013, a female patient complained to police that Pourkavoos sexually assaulted her during doctor's visits. Police have been investigating the reported incident for more than six months now. Officers identified and made contact with one other potential patient victim through information posted online about another sexual assault incident involving Pourkavoos. The second woman made a sworn statement to police that Pourkavoos sexually assaulted her during medical visits, police said in a press release.

Pourkavoos will be arraigned in court on Feb. 5 for cases stemming from two arrest warrants. He is charged with second-degree sexual assault, a Class C felony, and fourth-degree sexual assault, a Class A misdemeanor. In the second case involving a different patient, he is charged with two counts of fourth-degree sexual assault.

Bergenn said that Pourkavoos declines to comment further on the case. 

"Out of respect for confidentiality, and in consideration of his very positive relationship with his patients, the doctor will not comment further publicly about their credibility," Bergenn said. "As a doctor who has earned an exemplary reputation, he remains committed to all of his patients and will allow the fairness of the judicial process to clear his good name."

Pourkavoos has been practicing medicine since 1992, according to his profile on www.stfranciscare.org, and he is listed as accepting new patients. His private practice, Pourkavoos Medical Center, LLC at 35 Nod Road, is located in a St. Francis medical office building in Avon.

Longtime patients of his have come to his defense. Some questioned the veracity of the two female patient's accusations of sexual assault and vouched for him as an honorable family doctor. 

"I would caution people to jump to conclusions before all the facts are known. Dr. Pourkavoos has been our family doctor for 8 years and has been absolutely wonderful," reader Dagmar Langevin commented on the original Avon Patch article.

Another reader, Kelly Quijano, also commented on the original story in Pourkavoos' defense.  

"12 years never ever ever a problem all my kids see him and have since they were knee high," she said. 

Police have not made contact with any other patients claiming they were sexually assaulted in Pourkavoos' medical office at this time, but did investigate other possible victims. 


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