Bloomfield Woman Accused in Murder-for-Hire Plot Against Simsbury Man

Simsbury Police said a Bloomfield woman is accused of paying a man to kill her ex-husband.

A Bloomfield woman is free on bond following her arrest for what Simsbury Police say was an attempt to hire a man to kill her ex-husband.

36-year-old Tiffany Khalily Stevens, of Bloomfield, was arrested by Simsbury Police on July 13 and charged with inciting injury to persons or property.

According to an arrest warrant affadavit on file at the Superior Court in Enfield, Tiffany paid a man $5,000 to kill her ex-husband, Eric Stevens of Simsbury, following a bitter divorce.

The couple filed for divorce in 2009 and are now involved in a custody struggle for their 7-year-old daughter. Tiffany currently has custody of their daughter and also maintains control of $50 million in holdings set aside for the custodial parent, according to the warrant.

According to the warrant, Tiffany met a man police identify as "John," who was employed as a maintenance worker at an estate on Pinnacle Mountain Road where the couple stored some of their personal property. Tiffany began conversing with John during her frequent visits to the property, according to the warrant.

During one visit to the property, Tiffany told John that her ex-husband had abused and molested their young daughter. She also began "to ask John if he could 'hook her up' and get her pills," the warrant said.

John told police that Tiffany frequently spoke of her hatred for her ex-husband and began asking John if he knew of anyone who would kill him for her. John said he began to question the stories Tiffany told him about Eric Stevens.

In April, Tiffany approached John and handed him an envelope that contained $5,000 in cash and asked him to kill her ex-husband, according to the warrant.

John "accepted the money and used it to buy a washer, dryer, and other things for his family," the warrant said. John told police he had no intentions of killing her ex-husband.

John recently met Eric Stevens and explained that Tiffany had been asking him to supply her with drugs for the past year. John also told Stevens that Tiffany had paid him money to kill him.

Eric asked John if he could get a recording of Tiffany during their next encounter, and he agreed, the warrant said.

On July 6, Tiffany visited John at his girlfriend's apartment in Tariffville to purchase some oxycodone pills. John used his laptop computer to record their conversation. On the recordig Tiffany can be heard talking about the drugs and having her ex-husband killed, according to the warrant.

Simsbury police were provided with access to the recording which was used in their investigation.

Tiffany Stevens was released on a $1 million bond following her arrest on July 13.

Richard July 20, 2012 at 09:37 PM
She may be no angel, but neither is her ex-husband. He probably had made a lot of this up to get her out of the way, so he could take off with their child & the $50m. Throw them both in the looney bin.
Concerned February 24, 2013 at 09:23 PM
Anyone who wants to know the character of her ex-husband or to have any idea of how he would set this up himself (I'm sure he paid the maintenance man) only needs to look up "Stevens Realty" of Boston, MA to see what former tenants of his have to say about his dealings with other human beings. I have never met a worse human being in my life than Eric Stevens. I can't imagine that this woman would be of a much better ilk if she actually married him, but I still have a large suspicion that he set her up. To her attorneys... dig deep into his past & his dealings with his former tenants and "employees" of his realty firm. If you do that, you will find me & I would LOVE to discuss with you how he & I met :)


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