Two Charged with Violation of Simsbury Town Ordinance

A Simsbury town ordinance requires a permit for door-to-door sales.

Two individuals were arrested last week and charged with violating a town ordinance that requires a permit for making door-to-door sales.

Ronnesha Turner, 28, of Cincinnati, Ohio, and Kevin Jerome Johnson, Jr., 26, of Detroit, Michigan, were arrested by Simsbury Police on September 6 on Whynwood Road where they were selling magazine subscriptions for Urban Nation.

The two were charged with violating the town's peddlers/hawkers ordinance, according to Captain Nicholas Boulter, a spokesperson for the Simsbury Police Department.

"It's very common this time of year," Boulter said. "Every year we get a group of young adults that come to sell subscriptions."

Police were responding to complaints from residents about solicitors in the neighborhood when they discovered the individuals did not obtain a permit.

"There's no reason to believe that they weren't representing a company," Boulter said.

Police investigating the incident do not have reason to suspect any criminal activity, only a violation that carries a $90 fine.

Police also received a complaint about a similar, unrelated incident on September 5.

"We can't charge anyone unless they've solicited or have attempted to solicit," Boulter said.

A warning was issued to an individual from New York who was attempting similar door-to-door sales in the community.

Boulter said residents should be cautious of anyone soliciting sales and that the salesperson should have visible identification and a valid permit from the town of Simsbury.

Questions or concerns about this type of sales activity should be directed to the Simsbury Police Department at 658-3100.

Mike September 11, 2012 at 06:53 PM
"Sheltered, rich, white suburbanites scared of black people walking in their neighborhood call police" - I think this for a more approporate, attention grabbing headline. It looks like two people are trying to make a living, instead of taking handouts. Yes, they didn't get a permit, but even if they did, I'm sure the police would still respond "to complaints from residents about solicitors in the neighborhood" I wonder how light their complexion needed to be to avoid people calling the police - maybe light brown?
Theresa September 12, 2012 at 01:53 PM
@ Mike - I live in Simsbury. I'm not sheltered and I'm not rich, but I am white. A few years ago a couple of young people came to my door soliciting magazines. They were white. I called the police to check on whether or not they had the proper permit. They did not. However, I don't blame these college kids trying to make a few dollars. I blame the company that they are working for that take advantage of these young people. Please don't put all suburbanites in one category. We're all different....
Theresa September 12, 2012 at 01:59 PM
Also, Mike - Where in this article does it say these people are black? Are you assuming this because of their names? Who's the racist here? You know what happens when we assume......
Robert Kalechman September 14, 2012 at 03:56 PM
The good old boys and girls do it everyday and we of Simsbury are told the town police have no jurisdiction citizen do it and they can be arrested case in point a car trailer has been around town on state and town property for over a month not one thing has been done although complaint after complaint has been made because in my opinion its the good old boys and girl of Simsbury The rules are for the good citizen of Simsbury The Good old boys break all the rules how long does this go on in both the State and Town of Simsbury just look at the poor people of Sandhill Rd and the good old boy system and the town looking the other way on this matter along with Dick Blumenthal the democratic Attorney General who show boated all the way and in the end landed on the side of the democratic leaders of the town
Mike September 17, 2012 at 03:15 AM
@ Theresa - How dare you call me a racist! The woman was selling subscriptions for Urban Nation, a company that employs "young adults, most of who come from the Inner Cities. Therefore, [their] organization is predominantly minority based." The woman's name is Ronnesha. Do you know any white person with that name? If you have kids in town, I will bet you they don't know anyone with that name. But, fine, I am making an assumption about Kevin Jerome Johnson, but Jerome + Detroit? Perhaps I am troubled that there is a police report for these two individuals, but I never saw the police report for the college kids that were soliciting at your door. @ Robert - WTF?


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