Republican Charity Folk Talks About Her Goals for Open 16th District Seat

Democrats say that several people are interested in running.

Charity Folk has been the Executive Director of the Simsbury Chamber of Commerce for the last 20 years.  A fiscal conservative, her goal is to be a Republican voice at the state level, to create debate and hopefully dialogue as well. Her main concern?  The lack of support at the state level for the business community.

"The business community is not heard," said Folk.  "I don't think some of our legislators understand what a burden it's become," referring to state regulations on small businesses. Some of her concerns surround the potential increase in the minimum wage, which she says could be "devastating," and the need for the government to support the business community.

Folks also voiced her concern that "business gets in big trouble if they can't manage their budgets.  Spend what you earn — I do it at home." Comparatively, she said, state goverment doesn't seem to have any consequences when it comes to over-spending.

"I need people to understand that when you have a strong business community, they support the community around them," said Folk. "We're all connected."

Locally, Folk said, she supports researching the option for full-day kindergarten.  "Our superintendent is doing the right thing by asking for input from all the stakeholders," said Folk.  She feels it would be vital to find out what full-day kindergarten would cost the town.

"I have a reputation of being able to work with a lot of people," said Folk, who says she does not see a conflict of interest in staying in the position of Director of the Chamber and running for this seat.  "I have no intention of stepping down," she said. "I have made a conscious effort to keep [my run for the 16th district] separate from my office," she said.

When Folk entered the race for the 16th District, she thought she would be facing State Rep. Linda Schofield.  But, to her and many other people's surprise, Schofield announced recently that she would not be running again, leaving the position wide open for competition.

"She was a tireless advocate for all of Simsbury and an independent thinker," Jeff Tindall, chairman of the Simsbury Democratic Town Committee, said of Schofield. "Her accessibility and passion for constituent services will be greatly missed.  Linda leaves big shoes to fill for whoever has the privilege to serve as her successor."

As of now, no other Repulicans or Democrats have announced a desire to vie for the position.

Tindall said that a possible candidate may announce their intentions as soon as next week. "I'm very excited that several very qualified candidates have expressed interest in the state representative nomination," said Tindall. "We intend on retaining this seat and look forward to a robust discussion in putting forth a nominee."

Folk has been a resident of Simsbury since 1983, and with her husband, raised two daughters in Simsbury as well. She has a background in public communications and has worked at Simbury Community Television.

dccb9 March 09, 2012 at 09:27 PM
What are her views on social issues? I am a fiscal conservative but before I vote GOP, I need to make sure the person isn't too socially conservative.
Joan Coe March 29, 2012 at 01:10 PM
. These were my comments at the Board of Selectmen meeting March 26, 2012. I was very surprised to see that Moira Wertheimer has endorsed Charity Folk for this position. Has anyone asked Mary Kniffin Girard if she would vote for Charity Folk who is now married to her ex-husband Mike Girard? Has Mike Paine who is married to Jean Kniffin Paine endorsed Charity Folk? Does Moira Wertheimer care about family values? Does the Republican Party care about family values in their candidate for State Representative?
Angela March 30, 2012 at 03:58 PM
I'm so glad to see that charity folk has decided to run for state rep. I have not known her long, I met her when I joined the Chamber, but what I have learned about her is that she is a very hard worker, and that she represents fiscal conservatism, which is what Simsbury, and the state of CT and beyond need more of! For you ( Joan) to continuesley bash any and everyone known in existence you lose all credibility with me and many others. I am all for the 1 st ammemdment , freedom of speech, but instead of being negative, because let's be honest, no one can stand up to your standards, do something. Get involved, volunteer for something you believe in rather than sitting home and planning your next negative attack. 
Angela March 30, 2012 at 05:01 PM
And another thing I wanted to mention was that Chairty did a great job keeping the town of Simsbury and it's residents up to date throughout the horrific snowstorm we had to endure in October. She was constantly emailing everyone multiple times a day to keep them up to date on what was going on, where one should seek shelter and help if need be and much more needed information. I feel as she will be someone who represents the residents and local business owners of Simsbury


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