Election Day 2012: Voter Turnout in Canton Was 81 Percent

Election Day was off to busy start but voting slowed in evening.

Please see our story about the local races here and one on the referendum results here

Post poll closing update

When all was said and done Wednesday, 81 percent of Canton's registered voters came out to the polls Tuesday. 

A total of 5,718, or 81 percent of the 7,079 registered voters cast ballots. (The presidential race may have higher numbers due to a law that lets people register for that vote only on Election Day) 

Moderator Lorinda Pane said officials were surprised the number was not higher after the busy start Tuesday morning. 

"It's not as good as we hoped for," Pane said shortly after the polls closed. "It got slower in the last couple of hours." 

According to the Secretary of the State numbers Canton had an 84 percent turnout four years ago. 

See how Canton voted on the town Web site

Earlier story 

Shortly before 8 p.m. Tuesday, 5,679, or roughly 80 percent, of Canton's 7,078 registered voters had cast ballots. 

Voting was off to a steady from 6 a.m. when the polls opened but slowed a little after noon. Shortly before 10 a.m. 1,796 had voted, approximately 25 percent of the 7,075 registered in town.

By 11:20 a.m. it was 35 percent with 2,508 casting votes. Poll workers said the lines had been steady since 6 a.m. 

At 1:30 p.m. it was 3,672, approximately 52 percent. At 4:30 p.m., it was 4,615, about 65 percent of those registered. 

The figures do include absentee ballots. 

That includes 2,158 Democrats, 2,106 Republicans, 2,744 unaffiliated and 67 other (Green, Independent, Working Families, Libertarian, etc.) 

Today, Canton voters will make their choose a president, a U.S. Senator, a U.S. Representative from the 5th District, a state Senator from the 8th District and a state Representative from the 17th District.

In addition, voters will decide whether the town should bond (essentially borrow money and pay back with interest for the following: 

On Nov. 6, voters can say yes or no to two proposals:

  • A $3.615 Million track, multi-use field and parking lot improvement project at Canton High School
  • $3.2 Million for partial roof replacements at the Community Center and all three schools ($2.3 Million after federal reimbursement) 

Documents related to the projects can be found on the town's web site.  

See below for information on where to go to cast your ballot and the list of candidates. We've also included how Canton voted in 2008, the year of the last presidential election, and in 2010, the last mid-term election.

Read it over, then visit your local polling station between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. to make your voice heard! And be sure to check back with Patch for updates throughout the day, including the announcement of the winners as soon as votes are tallied.

Canton Polling Station

  • Canton Town Hall, 4 Market St., Collinsville

How Canton Voted in 2008 (84% Turnout)*

(D=Democrat; R=Republican; G=Green; I=Independent; WF=Working Families; CL=Connecticut for Lieberman)


  • Obama-Biden (D) — 3,412 votes
  • McCain-Palin (R) — 2,472 votes


  • Chris Murphy (D) — 2,978 votes
  • David Cappiello (R) — 2,199 votes


  • Arthur House (D) — 1,959 votes (125 Working Families votes) 
  • Kevin Witkos (R) — 3,599 votes 


  • Brett Eisenlohr (D) — 2,017 votes (145 Working families)
  • Timothy LeGeyt (R) — 3,450 votes

How Canton Voted in 2010 (69% Turnout)

(D=Democrat; R=Republican; G=Green; I=Independent; WF=Working Families; CL=Connecticut for Lieberman; SA=Socialist Action)


  • Richard Blumenthal (D) — 2,170 votes
  • Linda McMahon (R) — 2,248 votes


  • Chris Murphy (D) — 2,399 votes (Working Families 98)
  • Sam Caligiuri (R) — 2,007 votes (38 - I) 


  • Donald O'Brien (D) — 1,195 votes (54 Working Families Votes) 
  • Kevin Witkos (R) — 3,292 votes


  • Chris Gaffney (D) — 1,329 votes
  • Timothy LeGeyt (R) — 3,195 votes


*Results according to the Connecticut Secretary of the State's Office. 

Canton Taxpayer November 06, 2012 at 04:25 PM
I VOTED AND I VOTED NO! We do not need a track and a track won't make people healthy....
Wyatt November 06, 2012 at 06:14 PM
I voted and I voted yes for a better community.
Jessica Giblin November 06, 2012 at 07:38 PM
thanks for keeping us updated! :)
In Canton's Best Interest November 07, 2012 at 12:59 AM
The track and improvements to the schools are the right choice. Take a look at what other towns have to offer as far as facilities. A good example is Burlington, excellent manicured sports complexes, fields etc. This is a great investment in the stabilization and growth of property values with in Canton not to mention an investment in our children's happiness.
Ryan November 07, 2012 at 04:05 AM
"a great investment in the stabilization and growth of property values with in Canton not to mention an investment in our children's happiness." That is not found in a track, that can be found in proper equipment and facilities for emergency services, roads that are in good condition, and a place to put maintenance vehicles so they last longer. That is how you invest in the future of the town not a 3 million dollar place to go run in a circle. I guess there are just too many ignorant people in this town


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