Hampton: $204,000 State Bond Expected for Simsbury Senior Center Design

Town Eyes New and/or Revamped Senior/Community Center

Submitted release 

State Rep. John K. Hampton (D-Simsbury) welcomed the expected approval of a grant to Simsbury by the State Bond Commission. The town of Simsbury is set to receive $204,000 for the design phase of a new Senior/Community Center.  The State Bond Commission meets on Friday, January 3rd in the Legislative Office Building in Hartford.

“I’m pleased I was able to help secure these state funds for Simsbury’s seniors," Hampton said. "As the seniorpopulation continues to grow, we need to ensure that the town has the resources needed to serve and support our seniors, providing them the best quality of life.” 

“Senior centers serve an increasingly vital role in local communities as more and more citizens pass retirement age,” said Governor Dannel P. Malloy. “By supporting strategic investments like this, we are improving the quality of life for the entire community.”

“The Town of Simsbury is grateful to Rep. Hampton and the legislature for this significant financial support,” said First Selectman Mary A. Glassman.   “The funds are much needed to help Simsbury meet the needs of our growing and vibrant senior citizen community who are an essential part of the fabric of our community.”

The town will decide between renovating the current location at Eno Memorial Hall or exploring other locations at the Performing Arts Center or on town owned land on Bushy Hill Road. The funding will help evaluate the sites and make a decision moving forward.

The mission of the Simsbury Senior Center is to provide a community focal point where older adults come together for programs that reflect their experience and skills, respond to their diverse needs and interests, enhance their dignity, support their independence, and encourage their involvement in and with the Center.

Robert Wilson III December 30, 2013 at 03:52 PM
So we have state money for the design phase but we don't yet have the site picked out? Do I have that correct? When will the site be picked out?
Robt. Kalechman December 30, 2013 at 11:45 PM
please read "your own tax money"and how your Tax Dollars are wasted by a democratic party here we have another study to pay off the good old boys when all along the report has been given to the Board Of Selectmen months ago and Eno is the place for the center HAD ENOUGH if not vote democratic the next election for more state grants and higher town and Connecticut state taxes .


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