Malloy to Seek $3.2 Billion For Hurricane Sandy Cleanup

The money is part of $81 billion being sought by Connecticut, New York and New Jersey.

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy will seek $3.2 billion in federal funds for cleanup efforts related to Hurricane Sandy.

In a conference call Thursday with the state’s congressional delegation, Malloy officials said they would seek $620 million for the state and its municipalities for storm prevention and mitigation measures ($495 million for municipalities and $125 million for the state).

The additional $2.5 billion would go toward upgrading power transmission systems; replacing and improving the current electrical grid infrastructure, relocating some power lines underground and the establishing micro-grids in selected high-density areas.

Connecticut’s request for federal funds is part of some $81 billion being sought by Connecticut, New York and New Jersey for rebuilding after Sandy. New York is seeking $41 billion and New Jersey wants $36.9 billion, according to a report in the Hartford Courant.

“While our state was not impacted as severely as New York or New Jersey during Storm Sandy, we have seen substantial damage from three storms now that occurred in a little more than a year’s time.

“Changing weather patterns are a reality, and we must assume that the worst Mother Nature can throw at us hasn’t happened yet.  This funding would allow us to invest in a few areas that would put us in a better position to handle the inevitable when it occurs. It would allow us to revamp our power distribution system by expanding the use of microgrids and burying power lines in high-density areas.  It would give us the chance to fortify our coastline in a way that will protect us from future flooding while doing nothing to diminish the beauty of our coastline. And it would give us the ability to mitigate future environmental damage by investing in the sewage treatment plants that spill over into Long Island Sound with disturbing regularity during weather-related events,” Malloy said.

Paul Chotkowski December 01, 2012 at 05:37 PM
According to Chairman Mao Loy it is payback time! The Kool Aid drinking Prols voted for BHO [can’t call a good Secular Progress St. Nick so lets settle with Santa Claus]. Now it is time to ask Santa Claus for the presents. Leave the issue of disaster “relief” aside. With begging bowl in had our Glorious Leader ask “more please” about $2.5 Billion worth of more so we can upgrade our electricity delivery infrastructure - it is down right Capitalistic to expect the people who actually use the system to pay for its upkeep. State environmental regulations and mandated “renewable” energy sourcing requirements drive up the price of each kilowatt we consume. State rate regulators have pushed consumers to their limit and are loth to approve additional rate increases to pay for tree trimming or infrastructure modernization so - WE GET THE DELIVERY SYSTEM WE DESERVE! You can “fight” global warming or you can have a reliable reasonably priced power grid but you can’t have both no matter how much you want it! Unless we all follow Agenda 21 back to the 18th century. Taking a page from Rahm Emanuel's now infamous “Don't Let a Crisis Go to Waste” The Chairman is attempting to stick the country with the bill for CT years of failed management. Only a leader with such a total lack of Code or Honor could blame the need for infrastructure modernization on Global Warming and do so with a straight face. We are truly blessed with a Chairman [oops Man] for all seasons!


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