Schofield Endorses Hampton for State Representative

State Representative supports Deputy First Selectman as her successor at State Capitol


Submitted release

State Representative Linda Schofield has endorsed John Hampton for State Representative. Schofield is retiring after six years representing Simsbury in the Connecticut General Assembly.

"John Hampton is doubly equipped to represent Simsbury well.  As a life-long Simsbury resident and a town public servant of many years -- as a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals, Aging & Disability Commission and Board of Selectmen -- John is acutely attuned to Simsbury residents and their views.  In addition, John worked in the legislature as a staffer, so he goes into the job knowing how to get things done there.  John is a kind, articulate, smart man whose candidacy I endorse,” said Rep. Schofield.

Hampton, now in his fifth term on the Simsbury Board of Selectmen, declared his candidacy on May 2nd and was nominated by his party on May 23rd.

“I am honored and thrilled to receive Representative Schofield’s endorsement. Linda is an amazing leader and has represented Simsbury well in the state legislature. She has a solid record of fiscal restraint which I intend on continuing if elected,” said Selectman Hampton.

Mr. Hampton also acknowledged Schofield’s bi-partisanship, her attention to her constituents and her skills as a listener and problem solver in thanking her for her support.

“I look forward to campaigning with John and encourage everyone to support him on November 6th,” added Ms. Schofield.

Robert Kalechman June 25, 2012 at 04:46 AM
Ms Schofield once again has it all wrong in her support of Mr Hampton which is pure democratic political rebuse as displayed by her and her supporters at simsbury cable television. she served under the Connecticut State House Speaker Donovan from the 84 th district Meriden Connecticut State of Connecticut and to date has not said one word against the money laundering which is going on in the Fifth Congressional district which is against the law the democratic endorsed candidate for the fifth congressional committee for congress is breaking the law which Simsbury is a member to date the federals (F.B.I. have made two or three arrest and are still still looking for others in the Fifth Congressional .. .Ms Schofield and her democratic party backed higher taxes and lets not forget her vote and sponsorship of the states health insurance bill that the tax payers of Simsbury had to pay for with support of the other Connecticut election law breaker State Senator Joe Crisco chairman of the Insurance Committee small wonder she leaving the state House in my opinion she is looking for a state job so she can collect a state pension for part time work that she never took a position on Ms Schofield did very little in my opinion to help Simsbury's woking men and women of Connecticut she was not for labor ask Ms noble about that , but did take care of her democratic friends in and out of the state House Ms Schofield took tax payer campaign funds over $26,000 dollars


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