Simsbury Grand List Shrinks in 2012

Simsbury taxable properties dipped by 13.88 percent in 2012, partially due to a property revaluation.

The town of Simsbury has had a 13.88 percent decrease in taxable properties since October 2011, according to town assessor David Gardner.

The total taxable property value in Simsbury this year was $2,239,093,122, a decrease of $360,907,557 from the year before.

Simsbury had a decline in all taxable properties this year including: residential real property, commercial/industrial real property, land, personal property, and motor vehicles.

The largest dip is in residential real estate, but Gardner explains that the revaluation project played a role in that decline.

"The real estate assessments on the October 1, 2011 grand list were based on the October 1, 2007 revaluation.  The real estate assessments on the October 1, 2012 grand list are at 70% of the appraised value as of that date," Gardner said.

The state requires all towns to complete a property revaluation every five years.

The next largest decrease is the commercial/industrial area where the town lost $37,792,447 in taxable property.

Thomas E. Brown February 15, 2013 at 05:03 PM
Just can't wait to have motor vehicles removed from the tax roles as proposed by the State Government. The towns are going to have to adjust their mill rates to make up the difference. The demographic that benefits don't own real estate but have cars. It will avoid the expense and time of a compliance issue with that demographic of collections, suspending registration renewals etc. Looks like another progressive attempt at class warfare to shift the burden of municipal taxes to real estate owners who have work to pay taxes until tax freedom day in June. Not unlike the universal service charge on your phone bill that provides free phone service to that same demographic or even the new healthcare legislation. Welkome to new Amerika where you can pay a little more to spread the wealth around. Just stay distracted, shut up and pull that wagon!
Brian C. Duffy February 16, 2013 at 03:58 AM
All motor vehicles are not going to be removed from the tax roles; only those assessed under $28,000 (progessive taxation!). So Simsbury won't have to adjust their mill rate. Except maybe in Tariffville where I live. We frown upon European SUVs here...it's almost a local zoning law prohibition. Seriously, though. I don't think the proposal will pass. However, taxes are like any other outlay; you get what you pay for. The Simsbury Highway Department did a fantastic job plowing the roads recently, as they always have. I grew up here and just assumed all towns plowed their roads like Simsbury. Boy, was I naive. I lived in Manchester for a few years and have worked in Avon for many. There is no comparison in terms of snow removal. I don't hear too many of my (some old Yankee conservative) neighbors complaining about high mill rates or class warfare, especially in winter.
John Doe February 21, 2013 at 10:26 PM
Come on folks - you know it and I know it - taxes to the politicians is like crack to an addict. So what ever is done, the Mill rate will increase. Beside the do you really think the real governing body (Simsbury's Board of Education) will really allow no increases to fund the kingdom? Instead the burden will be placed upon the Simsbury citizens, with a looming threat of reducing teachers, higher class sizes, and not a single recommendation to reductions in the administrative staff, etc. Placing the burden on the citizens of Simsbury and the hardworking employees of Simsbury to make the difference has worked all these years - so expect your mill rate to go up to support a school system.


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