Simsbury To Receive $2.5 Million from FEMA for Storm Alfred Costs

After a lengthy process following the destruction cause by storm Alfred, the town of Simsbury will receive a $2,470,224 FEMA reimbursement.

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The Town of Simsbury has learned that it will receive a check from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in the amount of $2,470,224 – the first of several payments expected to total nearly $3 million to reimburse the Town for costs incurred as a result of last year’s October storm.  “The Town sought reimbursement for approximately $4 million in costs as a result of Storm Alfred.  We’re on target to get 75% reimbursement, which is the maximum amount payable under Federal Emergency Management Agency guidelines,” according to Tom Roy, the Town of Simsbury’s Director of Public Works. 

“Our primary goal after the snowfall and throughout the clean-up process was to secure the safety of Town residents,” said First Selectman Mary Glassman.  “At the same time that we were facing an extraordinary safety challenge, Town staff worked hard to bid out the clean-up and to ensure that the costs of the clean-up were kept as low as possible. Our process was professional and insured that we would get the maximum possible reimbursement.  I am proud of the work done by Town staff – they kept our residents safe as under trying circumstances, and they protected the Town’s financial position as well.”

This payment is the first and largest of three payments anticipated by the Town and covers costs incurred in the Town’s debris removal effort.  A second payment from FEMA, covering the cost of police services, operation of the shelter and debris removal from Town property is expected to total approximately $200,000.  The final payment, estimated at $400,000 is expected to come from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to cover the cost of removing debris from FHWA “designated” roads that were not covered by FEMA.

Clean-up from Storm Alfred took two months and required the removal of 285,000 cubic yards of debris – the second-largest amount of any town in Connecticut.  By bidding out the clean-up work in the days immediately following the storm, the Town saved literally millions of dollars, according to Roy. 


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