Spoonville Dam Demolition Project Begins

The removal of the Spoonville Dam will bring fish back to the lower Farmington River and improve safety.

A small crowd gathered on the bank of the Farmington River in East Granby on Monday morning to celebrate the start of a project to remove the Spoonville Dam.

Residents and town officials raised their glasses of sparkling cider to a toast made by Farmington River Watershed Association Executive Director Eileen Fielding before crews began demolition of the 128-foot concrete dam.

For more information on the Spoonville Dam removal project, check out the July 6 story on Simsbury Patch.

that person July 12, 2012 at 03:16 AM
dam granolas, haha dam.....
Local control is best July 31, 2012 at 11:46 AM
Are you people going to let these enviro-mental wackos also tear down the Rainbow power dam that is just down stream. That dam is more in the way for the fish. And that has a latter for fish. Wild and scenic river only empowers the Federal Gov't to take all the land owners rights away!!! I hope you all enjoy the wild river while they let you live near by it; cuz they are planning on making the surrounding area a " NO HUMAN USE" area. Goggle it "The rewilding of America Project" or Sustainable development etc.


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