Town Hopeful for Big Y Solution

Simsbury officials were cautiously optimistic this week that a solution to the problem impeding the opening of Big Y could be solved soon.

The plan to bring Big Y to 1313 Hompeadow St. and surrounding parties was approved by the town’s zoning commission in September of 2012. However, the approval required an expanded easement for access to the International Skating Center driveway, primarily for delivery trucks. The land in question is owned by the town but leased by the center.

While the Board of Selectmen approved a resolution last August, the other two parties have not come to a final agreement, town officials said. With action stalled, the town has looked into using eminent domain and turning the driveway into a public road. 

That action prompted from the two parties, attorney Robert M. DeCrescenzo told selectmen Monday. He also had received a draft of a reciprocal agreement. While that had included a provision prohibiting the town from leasing the skating center property for a food or prescription drug retail business, DeCrescenzo said that was no longer included.

He was also hopefully that he might be able to bring someone more final to the board’s meeting later in the month.

He and selectmen agreed that an agreement would be preferable to the eminent domain process.

“I do think this is appositive step forward,” DeCrescenzo  said. 

Robert Wilson III January 17, 2014 at 10:29 PM
During the election this fall didn't Glassman say this was a done deal?
Brian C. Duffy January 18, 2014 at 01:44 PM
Robert, Don't be lazy. Find a published source for Glassman's (or anyone else's) "quotes" and answer your own questions. Then you can enlighten us all. Otherwise, you'll just be accused of making stuff up.
Robert Wilson III January 21, 2014 at 11:24 PM
Mr. Duffy: I assure you I'm not bring lazy. I just don't have Glassman's election mailers anymore. Do you? I believe she said the project was ready. Am I wrong? You seem to know. Interesting, too, that just a few weeks after the election the Hartford Courant ran that large piece about the vacancy of The Hartford. That was relevant before the election.


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