School House Lane Home Sells for More than $1 Million

Simsbury Real Estate

$1,317,500. 24 School House Lane. Donald E. Bossi an Susan E. Bossi of 37 Hawthorne Drive, Bedford, New Hampshire to Louis. P. DuBois III and Susette D. DuBois on Aug. 27, 2013.

$153,876. Lot 11 Croft Lane (4 Croft Lane). Sand Hill Simsbury, LLC P.O. Box 581, Simsbury to Syed Salman Ali and Nayyara Malik on Aug. 20

$864,000. 43 Highridge Road. Kevin Adams and Kristin L. Adams of 179 Westledge Road to Kirti D. Patel, trustee of the both Kirti D. Patelrevocable living trust and Reema D. Vyas, trustee of the Reema D. Vyas revokable living trust on Aug, 23, 2013. 

$70,000. 492 Bushy Hill Road. Wendy Lynch Miller of 153 Punch Brook Road Burlington to James H. Lynch on Aug. 14, 2013.

$395,000. 74 Canton Road. Terence Shields of 84 Whiting Lane, West Hartford to Elizabeth C. Rudnick and Chad Ferguson on Aug. 28, 2013.

$155,000. 4 Quaile Drive. Scott W. Spurr and Meghan R. Spurr of 16 Juniper Lane, Farmington to Alan Cassanello of 5 Royal Troon Drive on Aug. 27, 2013.

$360,000. 32 Brettonwood. Kenneth V. Rideout and Anne H. Rideout of 100 Sarah Lane, Simsbury to Michael and Caroline H. Berman on Aug. 26, 2013. 

$335,000. 8 Field Drive. Kathryn M. Anastasio and Michael T. Anastasio to Scott J., Kristine M. and Linda Beaulieu on Aug. 20, 2013.

$445,000. 24 Massaco St., Michael E, and Caroline H. Berman of 32 Brettonwood Drive, Simsbury to Daryl Obert and Lauren DeNapoli on Aug. 22, 2013.

$279,000. 40 Country Road. Mark D. McPherson and Kathy J. McPherson of PO Box 454, Simsbury to David W. Harriman and Megan E. Rourke on Aug. 23, 2013.

$603,000. 20 Aspenwood. William Randall and Judy Randall of 71 Carthage Place, Saint Johns, Fla. To Timothy T. and Lynn A. Houghton on Aug. 23, 2013.

$395,000. 8 Pine Glen Road. Robert A. Moss and Patricia A. Moss of 901 Farmington Ave., West Hartford to Timothy Paine and Lynne Collins-Paine on Aug. 23, 2013. 

$572,500. 3 Clover Lane. Peter T. and Kathleen A. Bothwell of 109 Pierce Boulevard, Windsor to William A. Chapdelaine Sr. on Aug. 21, 2013.

$299,900. 12 Herman Drive. Mitchell & Oatman 12, LLC of 37 Heather Lane, North Granby to Sailnovo of 116 Cortland Way, North Granby on Aug. 22, 2013.

$122,500. West Mountain Road, Parcel 1A. 358 West Mountain, LLC of 48 Mountain View Ave., Avon to Robert F. and Joanne B. Leahy on Aug. 22, 2013.

$420,000. 13 Ox Yoke Drive. Mark F. and Tammy N. Wilson, of 4272 Wild Boar Run, Niceville, Fla. To Dennis Ducalo and Rosemary Martin on Aug. 20, 2013.

$153,876. Lot 1, Croft Lane. Sand Hill Simsbury, LLC to Rex L. and Patricia K. Mahnensmith on Aug. 20, 2013.

$318,500. 214 West Mountain Road. James M. and Kelly S. Papa of 28 Hidden Oaks Drive, Avon to Jonathan A. and Tracey E. Saucier on Aug. 20, 2013.

$415,000. 8 Buttonwood Drive. Michael L.D. Pitcher and Kerry S. Pitcher of 1122 Ponte Vedra Boulevard, Ponte Vedra, Fla. To Christopher P. and Sara E. Papa on Aug. 14, 2013.

$255,000. 35 Suadron Line Road. Lisa M. Elliott of 131 Forestgrove Lane, Suwannee, GA and Michael J. Bellino of 172 Casey Court, Longwood, Fla. On Aug. 15, 2013.

$329,000. 15 Phelpscroft Lane. Theresa M. Hooper, of 7 Old Gate Lane, Farmington to Nicholas D. and Julie Porter on Aug, 16, 2013.

$470,000. 2 Drumlin Road. David A. and Kitryn Ellis of 1400 Pennbrook Parkway., Lansdale, PA to Daniel W. and Dawn M. Cohen on July 1 (recorded Aug. 19), 2013.

$495,000. 179 Westledge Road. Michael A. and Jeanne Marie Gerace of 17 Redbud Way, Bluffton, SC to Kristin L. and Kevin Adams on Aug. 16, 2013.

$206,000. 3 Colonial Drive. Bubmor Partners, LLC of 30 Longview Drive, Weatogue to Anthony and Brianne DeMarco on Aug. 16, 2013.

$485,000. 16 Saw Mill Road. Alan Levesque and Christine V. Levesque, c/o Cartus, 40 Apple Ride Road, Danbury to Matthew T. Connolly on Aug. 16, 2013.

$760,000. 2 Joshua Drive. Scott T and Jennifer L. Hallworth of 1001 Glyndon St. S.E., Vienna, Va to John E. and Lauren N. Kolb on Aug. 15, 2013 (signed July 3, 2012).

$307,000. 180 Great Pond Road. Michael C. Trinks and Jennifer Trinks to Katie J. Pence and Alan A. Zacarias on Aug. 14, 2013.

$148,500. 15E Wiggins Farm Drive. Charles L. Robinson Jr., executor of estate of Charles L. Robinson Sr., Robert J. Moran Committee of 111 Simsbury Road, Avon to OneWest Bank, FSB of 2900 Esperanza Crossing, Austin Tex on July 9, 2013 (Recorded Aug. 15)

$512,000. 6 Elcy Way. Carol Baylis of 118 Potters Pond Drive, Phoenixville, PA to Laurie Colvin on Aug. 14, 2103.

$315,000. 6 Lark Road. Brett J. Boskiewicz of 51 Wingate, Simsbury and Jennifer Barlow of 130 Main St., #4A, Collinsville to Lindsay R. and Michael C. Kostruba on Aug. 7, 2013.

$299,900. 8 Elaine Drive. Chien-Yu Chan of 157 Elizbeth St., Hartford too Mark F. and Maureen A. Hilsden on Aug. 12, 2013.

$346,800. 12 Amy Lane. Thomas P and Molly R. Rutledge of 70 Notch Road, Simsbury to Margaret Budnik and Michael L. Donagher on Aug. 2, 2013.

$153,876. Lot 3, Croft Lane. Sand Hill Simsbury, P.O. Box 581, Simsbury to George Mathew and Leena, Kunthara on Aug. 9, 2013.

$415,685. 32 Bantry Road. Powder Forest Homes, LLC of 125 Powder Forest Drive, Simsbury to Stanley P. and Linda P. Johnson of 31 Rivermead, Avon on Aug. 7, 2013. 

$239,700. 14 Willard St., Michael Hains, of 75 Four Mile Road, West Hartford to Pawel Sutkowski on July 29, (Recorded Aug. 7,2013).

$867,500. 18 School House Lane. Stephanie J. Levenson, trustee of the Stephanie J. Levenson Living Trust of  and David N. Levenson, trustee of the Stephanie J. Levenson Living Trust, of 11 Ridgemoor Drive, Clayton, MO to Martin S. and Lynn E. Roth on July 26, 2013 (Recorded Aug, 7.)

$185,000. 1276 Hopmeadow St. Simsbury Middle3, LLC of 1285 Hopmeadow St. to 1276 HOP, LLC on 1276 Hopmeadow St. on Aug. 6, 2013.

$465,000. 5 Joseph Drive. Steven P. and Jeane C. Dietz of 4 Peedee Point, St. Helena Island, SC to Wen Fu and Rong Cao on Aug. 2, 2013.

$535,000. 23 Adams Road. John L. Sennott Jr. and Donna V. Sennott of 10 The Glade, Simsbury to Daniel Zittoun on July 19, 2013 (Recorded Aug. 5).

$295,000. 47 Squadron Line Road. Timothy T. Thompson of 711 Millers Way, Simsbury to Amber M. Irimia on Aug. 2, 2013.

$470,000. 50 Fox Den Road. William W. Mauke II and Heather C. Mauke of 10 Gilman Lane, East Orleans, MA to Warren C. and Kathryn L. Katz on July 25 (Recorded Aug. 2, 2013.

$345,000. 15 Barnard Drive. Kevin A. Gonzalez and Lauren S. Shapiro of 5218 Beeler St., Pittsburg, PA n Aug. 1, 2013/

$292,500. 16 Oxford Court. Brian and Christine W. Dorn of 19711 Archer Ave., Omaha, NE ro Luanne McDonough on July 31 (recorded Aug. 1, 2013 

$198,500. 9 Nutmeg Court. Caleb N. Nietupski of 7429 W. Candelaria Drive, Glendale, AZ to Carmen J. Monaco on Aug. 1, 2013.


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