Connecticut School Superintendents Get High Pay and Perks

With a pay of $182,000 annually, Simsbury's Superintendent Matt Curtis is above the state average pay for a school district leader. Some make more than $200,000 annually and get monthly allotments to interact with their communities.

Besides their hefty six-figure salaries, Connecticut school superintendents also command enviable perks and bonuses, according to a report in the New Haven Register.

Along with its sister news organizations, including the Middletown Press and the Litchfield County Times, the Register found that the average pay for school superintendents in Connecticut is $166,000 and that they can significantly boost that pay with other negotiated perks and benefits, including compensation for unused sick time, meal allowances, travel pay and bonuses.

Simsbury Public Schools Superintendent, Matt Curtis, earns $182,000, which puts him above the state average pay for a school leader. At that level of pay it costs Simsbury $36.90 per student for the superintendent's salary.

Curtis also receives $3,500 annually for travel expenses and is allowed 25 vacation days and 22 sick days each year.

The Register included in its story a database of its review of the pay of 148 superintendents, along with links to their contracts.

Some school superintendents earn more than $200,000 annually and get tens of thousands more each year in perks, the newspapers found. Many also get generous benefit packages that include up to a month of vacation time and several weeks of sick time that can be accrued and then paid out if unused.

While the average annual pay for a school superintendent in Connecticut is $166,000, many school leaders make more than that, the report states. In West Hartford, for instance, Superintendent Karen List makes $230,000 annually with a tax-sheltered annuity included. That makes her the 14th highest paid superintendent in Connecticut.

In Berlin, School Superintendent David Erwin earns $203,000 annually, according to the report.

David Moelling January 07, 2013 at 07:47 PM
The pay is generous but the real question is the effectiveness of the Superintendent. Matt Curtis is new to the job but not to the district. Simsbury schools have declining enrollment but more importantly increasing numbers of in-district students who are going to private schools. A Superintendent worth his salt needs to address the middling performance of the district schools and make them truly top notch (not just taking advantage of well motivated suburban parents. Too often Simsbury schools have just spent more on administration as a way to provide a promotion path for teachers.
Larry Thomson January 08, 2013 at 06:20 AM
We need vouchers for these schools to stop wasting money. That is the only way it will happen. BTW. He is being paid way too much money for what he does in my opinion.
Bill January 08, 2013 at 03:56 PM
Simsbury is trying to get a laptop for each student in high school. I think it is a waste. There is no reason for a high schooler to need a laptop everywhere they go.
Mikey O'Toole January 09, 2013 at 02:49 AM
I totally agree. Total waste of money. They will spend their time checking facebook and surfing for music and porn. Good going SHS! Just goes to show you when good smart people do nothing then the morons run rampant. I am so disgusted with the way the Simsbury Board of Education is running their schools that I ended up removing both of my children and have them in private schools. So now I pay a double tax, because my property taxes are huge and I have a huge bill from the private school. If we had vouchers then this nonsense would immediately come to an end and school districts would start acting responsible. As it is currently they actually think that they have an endless supply of money that they can spend willy nilly. If you stand up to them they start the nonsense about it's all for the kids and you are against the education of the kids. Total nonsense. Wait until the next budget vote comes around. I will make it a point to get involved to start cutting funding for these over-rated schools. It will not be tolerated any more!


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