How to Feed the Ego's Hungry Appetite

Do you want to see the world as competition where we fight for scarce resources – or a place where we cooperate and enjoy abundance?

Ego is the idea that we are separate from each other... It places one above another for the sole purpose of shining a light brighter upon oneself rather than shining to the world that much needed light.

 Egoic people are extremely competitive and will do anything to win, to achieve their goals... even at the expense of others. They will even attach themselves to others of importance as a means of riding their skirt tails as a means to furthur themselves and get exposure for self promotion.

 Their identity and everything associated with ego are the same.  They are the amount of money they make, its about their reputation and self promoting themself, how great their life is,  their current health condition, the amount of things they own, where they go on vacations, and how high they live upon the hog and they want to be sure everyone else knows it too.  They are constantly talking about their greatness. Hmmm, sound a bit Narcistic to me.

Basically letting everyone know all the "good" aspects of their life, and not the pit falls that come along with a "naturally balanced" life unless that little downfall they share brings them attention too.

While on the other hand, a connection to Spirit  is our deep connection with everyone and everything around us.  It recognizes we are part of a larger whole. The goal in " the Spirit of things" is to spread truth and love in response to falsehood and hate.

 The strength of spirituality is the expression of unconditional love.  It is a great challenge to express love in response to hate.  However, no amount of hate can survive as long as there is love.  A great role model for love is Jesus Christ. Spirituality focuses on developing your inner state. 

 When you find peace in ourselves you automatically spread peace to others.  This contrasts your ego.  It seeks joy and happiness through external means such as money, power, and control over others. It HUMBLES oneself to the point of sharing all the good, and the pitfalls and the ability to laugh even at the expense of oneself.

 Eventually you must choose a life guided by your Ego or by Spirit.  Do you want to see the world constantly from a view of  competition where we constantly fight for resources, or a place where we cooperate and enjoy abundance together? A sharing of resources?

 While a person governed by ego becomes more powerful by resisting their heart.  They step over people to get ahead.  They lie, cheat, and manipulate others if they have to.  The more they commit harmful acts, the stronger they become. 

 A person governed by spirit becomes more powerful by expressing love.  To the spirit, compassion equals strength.  Their motivation lies in serving the greater good.  They commit to acts that benefit humanity.

 Is there a wrong choice in choosing a side.  One side is dedicated to serving the greater good.  The other is devoted to yourself. The question is then, "What do you choose to be ?"  

I am spiritual biased.  Ever since I was a chlid, I was inclined help others.  I befriended kids that were bullied in school, cleaned the streets of my neighborhood community, cared for any animal I deemed to be homeless or in need. 

We all have acts of giving,  it just needs to be recognized by us alone as being spiritually driven.

A conscious decision needs to be made when choosing a side.  Most people don’t make the decision in their entire lifetimes.  From experience, I can say that I’ve never had so much freedom and happiness in these years of my life since I awakened.  I used to be very driven by winning every contest, everyones admiration and everyones attention.

Now I am in constant peace with my life. I really dont care  what anyone thinks about me. If Im first in their life, or last in their life, or even at all...  I know, within MY personal ego who I am, what I stand for and all the good I do for others in my life. And Im the only one who needs to know this.

 I really dont need to experience the ego driven sought out kudos.. I dont need to put any specific experience, real or made up as others often do,  to get this ego sought recognotion from others. I only need to feel within myself I am great and made a difference.

 I move forward at my own pace.  If the lift of others helps me along sooner than later, or faster than another after the same goal in sight, does that gain in my life truey belong to me?  Should I claim it to be mine at the expense of what others have done to help me along? No. I dont think so.  But I find it sad others do.

Ask yourself this question before choosing a side:    EGO or SPIRITUALITY ?

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Susie Zwack November 14, 2012 at 11:32 PM
As another spiritually biased person, I loved what you wrote!! Susie Zwack
Stephanie November 18, 2012 at 01:06 PM
Thank you Susie,,, xxoo


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